South Asians in SportsCurrent Location: Toronto, Canada

Occupation and/or Organization:Marketing Instructor and Sport Marketing Lead, Schulich School of Business-York University and Instructor – Professional Football Development, Concacaf

Why you have a career in the sports?

I’ve been enamored with pro sports since I was eight years old and that led me to switch careers in 2001 to pursue sport business upon learning it was a viable profession.  Teaching actually emerged unexpectedly when I expressed interest in being a guest speaker in a class to share insights from my volunteer experience in the industry.  From the moment I started teaching I aspired to achieve great things and deploy an “industry-centric” approach to marketing education, not only to better prepare students for career success, but also to show the industry my capabilities and create a legacy, which is very important to me.  I set a vision for Schulich to become a talent pipeline for the Canadian sport industry and created three strategies to achieve that vision, incorporating various tactics, including establishing Canada’s only Sports, Media and Entertainment Internship Fair.  While I’m pleased with my achievements in academia, I have career goals to achieve in the industry, so that’s my principal focus at the moment.

What is the best part of working in sports?

Reading and discussing a subject that naturally interests me and being remunerated for it, but close behind are the ability to call a stadium/arena a workplace and work on a product in which millions of people have a vested interest

Advice for people trying to break into the sports industry?

  1. Build a portfolio of experience (internship, volunteer, contract) in the functional area(s) that closely align(s) with your career goals.
  2. Take every opportunity to build and cultivate a network of industry contacts, who can provide job leads and referrals and
  3. Stay abreast of current developments in the industry to stand out in job interviews and uncover potential job leads/opportunities.