Bristol, CT – August 25, 2015 – Photo Studio: Portrait of Sheil Kapadia(Photo by Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation and/or Organization: ESPN Seahawks Beat Reporter

Why did you choose to have a career in the sports industry?

 Sports were always just my primary interest growing up. Whether it was watching the Philadelphia teams, reading the newspaper, listening to sports-talk radio or playing with friends in my neighborhood, they were just a big part of my life. When I was finishing up high school and deciding what I wanted to do in college, I figured I might as well try to get paid for something I enjoy doing anyway. And that’s how I landed on a career in sports.

What is the best part of working in this industry?

It’s fun and unpredictable. That might sound lame, but it’s the truth. No two days are going to be the same. When you’re covering a game – whether it’s high school, college or professional – you have no idea what’s going to happen beforehand. You analyze matchups, interview players and coaches and make predictions. Then the game starts, and oftentimes it goes in a different direction. I love covering practices in May when the teams are planting the seeds for who they want to become in November and December. The games are always a blast. And there’s a huge difference among the players. Some are fighting for a job on the practice squad; others are highly-paid superstars. That makes for a fascinating dynamic.

I enjoy going to work and doing my job. By the second or third day of vacation, I’m usually ready to get back at it.

Advice for people trying to break into the sports industry?

Make sure you’re able to bring something different to the table. Every faction of the industry is getting more competitive each year. When you are trying to figure out your path, try to come up with new ideas. If it’s in journalism, when you start covering a team, look at what your competitors are doing and try to make sure you’re adding something different with your coverage. Find a way to produce quality content and set yourself apart. The same goes when applying for internships. Employers want to know how you can help them. What’s your area of expertise? Or are you able to do a bunch of things well?They’re not looking for someone they’ll have to babysit everyday. They want someone who can be an asset to what they’re trying to accomplish.