Current Location: Dothan, AL

Occupation/Organization: Bleacher Report (www.bleacherreport.com)

Title: National Recruiting Analyst

Why do you have a career in the sports industry?

Well, it was my dream to be an athlete, but I my physical limitations made sure that it wasn’t possible beyond high school [lol]. Of course, the next step for me was to try and be a SportsCenter anchor instead. Basically, I got tired of my friends telling me I knew way too much about sports when we would get into heated discussions. I love sports and talking about it, so I decided to go back to school to pursue a career in sports journalism and I’m lucky and fortunate that it worked out for me.

What is the best part of working in sports?

Sports are so awesome because it’s one of the few things in the world that brings people together. My favorite part about my job is helping young athletes share their dreams and watching them come true as they transition from high school to college, and in a lot of cases, into the NFL. It’s cool, because we as recruiting journalists get to see these guys before the world knows their names. In my current job, I’m getting to the point in seeing kids who I’ve covered start to make a name for themselves in college, and that’s amazing to me. I also get to work with an awesome group of people at B/R.

Advice for people trying to break into the sports industry.

Just as important as what you do is how you do it. What I mean by that is making sure your passion for your job is able to come through in your work. Of course, you have to have a strong work ethic. Also, walk through the doors that open for you. Ironically, I never thought starting out that I’d become a writer. Those just happened to be the opportunities that came my way. In my experiences, some people in the industry forget that sports are supposed to be fun. So enjoy the experiences you get because that enthusiasm is an easy way to endear yourself to the decision makers in the industry.