Current City: Toronto, Canada

Occupation/Organization:  NBA Canada

Title: Social Media Manager






Why do you have a career in the sports industry?

I followed my passion for sports and knew that if I could not play my sport of choice, which was in this case basketball; I would want to do something pertaining to the game. My goal was and still is to break through the barriers of what is a male dominated industry and become a proud South Asian woman who is looked upon as someone who knows sports and can make an impact in the sports hemisphere. I’ve overcome the challenges and hardships from interning and working for next to nothing to slowly getting noticed through the opportunities I created for myself.

Entering university I still hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I had thought to myself should I take the route of becoming a social worker or do something completely out of the norm which was broadcast journalism. I elected to take a two year program at Seneca College in Toronto and try my hand at reporting. I fell in love with it all, from producing a documentary to being on camera talking sports.

However, I knew it was going to be tough to find a job because the industry in Toronto is so small. My teachers always said you need to move to a smaller market and work your way back to the city.  Luckily, my internships allowed me to stay in the city and I learned so much both observing and taking a concerted effort to learn how a newsroom worked. Basketball was my passion, and instead of writing my homework in my agendas, I created my own Toronto Raptors game summaries in them. The Toronto Raptors were a huge part of my childhood. I knew once the team had been announced I was going to follow them from their infancy.

My job at NBA TV Canada had me cutting clips from old playoff games, producing a segment on a sports magazine show and floor directing on game days. Being thrown into the fire was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I grew leaps and bounds and it assisted in widening my skill set which lend me to sports station after sports station. Being South Asian and a woman, I always thought to myself it was both a step back yet a benefit. Proving my self worth is what allowed me to believe I had what it took to be the best at my craft. Now, being the social media manager for NBA Canada, I can say has been a tremendous dream come true for me. I may not be in front of the camera telling stories but through the power of social media (i.e. twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share highlights, behind-the-scenes moments and access with the people who follow our accounts.

What is the best part of working in sports?

Providing people an exclusive insight into the game of basketball.

Advice for people trying to break in to the sports industry?

Follow your passion and embrace the challenges because it will shape you as a person.