unnamed-2Current Location: Bangalore, India

Occupation/ Organization: B7 Sports

Title: Founder and CEO

Why you have a career in the sports industry?

Honestly, I had never planned one. As a matter of fact I was more inclined towards being either a cardiac surgeon or an interior decorator, for these were where my interest lay until I came into contact with sports…I suppose life had different plans and a different purpose for my existence. As a child, when I was exposed to sports, playing came naturally to me. I enjoyed playing sports as it made me happy and it is here that I was reintroduced to myself, for until then I never knew the power & courage I had within me, the ability to think beyond myself and the strength that existed within oneself. I continued my interest & passion not in just one sport but three sports with unflinching support of my dear parents. I represented & Captained my State in Junior Baseball National Championship and also represented the State in Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior Women’s Cricket squad. It was Basketball that held my most attention (perhaps because of the game’s dynamics) and I followed my calling with more focus, passion & vigor to represent not only my State in Junior National Championship but also in a series of Senior National Championships & other prestigious competitions. Thereon, I had the honor & privilege to represent my Country in the Senior Women’s National Basketball Team, a dream that came true!

My whole life revolved around sports and by competing at National & International platforms, I came with certain experience & expertise comprehending the importance of a functional support system for any athlete/team. This is where I believed I could make a difference, in not only contributing with my sporting background, my Management skills but also breaking barriers and impacting & inspiring the next generation into sports, especially girls and women.

As a developing country, India has a huge scope of work & is an untapped industry when it comes to sports. All of the above factors combined with my deep passion, belief & desire to improve the way sports is played, experienced, perceived and consumed in our country triggered my interest and a sense of responsibility to consider a career in this field, it was inevitable & the best decision of my life.


What is the best part of working in sports?

I have comfortably dribbled my way from a Basketball court into the Board Room. It is an absolute extended playtime for which you get paid too!! Working in Sports to me was natural and has always been fun, competitive, challenging and certainly beyond one self.

The best part however is when you realize that how your work is tangibly touching the life of others for the better and to support others to reach for their dreams, nothing can be more fulfilling than knowing that your work mattered a lot to someone and that it changed their lives forever, apart from yours. Bringing a smile, a hope and an opportunity to others & elevating the sport sure is a highlight.

Sport is synonym with fun & excitement, it is what binds a country together in a positive way, helps build unity, passion and compassion towards one’s nation and knowing that it is what you do everyday just makes it a wonderful experience, altogether. Sports is always a mix of indoor and outdoor work that adds spunk to the job. Working in a sport industry takes you around the globe & gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about different cultures, meet interesting & highly inspiring people.

One needs to love what they do with all their heart, then every part of your work in any field for that matter, will forever be the best part.

Advice for people trying to break into the sports industry?

Not all former sportspersons are good sports administrators and not necessarily  all good sports administrators are a former sports person. However, an amalgamation of the two can be highly favorable.

Playing or working in Sports both need to come from one’s heart that is full of passion or perhaps an obsession, only then will you be able to optimize your performance & experience on or off the field. When you love and are happy doing what you do, then you are productive by default. One must always have a hunger for knowledge, improvisation and never settle for something that is sub-standard. Train yourself and others around you to build a culture of excellence for it is the way forward. It always helps to have a goal, an aim or a Dream for it keeps you motivated & on track. Visualize what success means to you. Have patience, a lot of it. Never give up at first instance of failure, perseverance will take you where you ought to be. Always think ahead, think different, think big, think macro. Be humble and strongly believe in your ability, for if you don’t then how can you expect others to believe in you/your work? Don’t shy away from hard work and sacrifices. Read, think and do what others are not doing. Most importantly enjoy what you do, have fun and make smart choices after all we have only one life to live, make it meaningful.