Current Location: New York, NY

Occupation/Organizaion: Leverage Agency

Title: Global Sponsorship & Strategy Manager at

Why you have a career in the sports industry?

As someone who grew up playing sports competitively in India, I experienced the lack of a sports culture first-hand. I initially wanted to be a part of the industry with the goal of changing this very landscape, but I’ve learned that it’s so much bigger than me. It probably sounds cheesy and repetitive, but I’m a believer in the immense impact sports has to bridge cultural divides and eliminate hatred. Something we can definitely use in the world we live in.

 What is the best part of working in sports?

Is that it’s global, always changing and year round. The opportunities aren’t always in your back yard and you must be willing to adapt and be flexible to chase your dreams, but that’s part of what makes it a thrilling ride.

Advice for people trying to break in the the sports industry?

Making a great impression on someone in-person is absolutely integral to breaking into the sports industry. It’s worth postponing your phone call with that person if you have an opportunity to meet them face to face and create a lasting impression. Also, gain as much experience as possible while you interview. Even if it isn’t in the sports industry, you can use the experience you gain as an intern or volunteer in a related field to show that you have been doing your level best to build a strong set of skills.