3977a7cCurrent Location: Philadelphia, PA & Newark, NJ

Occupation & Organization: Vice President of Strategy, Philadelphia 76ers & New Jersey Devils/Prudential Center

Why sports? Early in my career I didn’t know what industry/job I was truly passionate about. But when I thought about what product I believed made a difference in the community and got me excited every morning, I knew I had to pursue a career in sports, media, and entertainment. No industry gets people as emotional and excited; being a part of that passion is really special.

What is the best part of working in sports? This is the best and worst part of the job – everyone wants to talk about what you do! Talking about sports gets people excited and really draws a level of interest that doesn’t usually exist when people talk about their careers.

Advice for those trying to break in to the industry? Be persistent and be patient. I know those might sound like contradictory statements but both are important character traits in the industry. It’s not easy to make an entrée into the industry – that requires some serious persistence and determination. And once they’re in this world, many people who come from other industries realize that the business of sports often doesn’t move at the same pace; that’s where the patience is key.