A network of South Asian sports industry professionals.

Welcome to South Asians in Sports, the premier network of South Asian sports industry professionals. SAIS is dedicated to advocating for, educating and promoting South Asians who work in sports. The network is a global community of executives, businessmen and businesswomen, attorneys, entertainers, journalists, entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches and more working in sports.


To advocate for the South Asian impact on the sporting industry.

To educate and serve as a resource for those aspiring to be involved in the sports industry.

To promote South Asians working in sports.


Connect South Asians working in sports through a network of seasoned professionals and emerging leaders.

Enable professionals to pursue their dreams and achieve new professional heights.

Increase the number of South Asians working in and impacting the world of sports globally.

Our Membership

Membership is open to individuals of all ethnicities in the South Asian diaspora. The majority of our members work in the sports industry as executives, businessmen and businesswomen, attorneys, entertainers, creative artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches and volunteers.

Our Community

South Asians have cultural origins from more than 8 countries and their surrounding territories including: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

South Asia is a term used to represent the southern region of the Asian continent, and accounts for 1.8 billion or one fourth of the world’s population. South Asians and the South Asian diaspora play a pivotal role in the global marketplace, continuing to dictate markets and influence global enterprises. We represent a pipeline of strong talent for companies and innovation.

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About our founder:

Neha Uberoi Khangoora, Co-founder and CEO


Neha Uberoi is a mental health professional, social entrepreneur and former professional tennis player. She works as a consultant helping athletes improve their performance and transition out of sports. Uberoi currently serves on the board of directors of the USTA.

After completing her freshman year at Princeton University at just 16 years of age, Uberoi played on the WTA tour for 5 years. She reached a singles ranking of 196 and 108 in doubles. Since retiring from tennis in 2008, Uberoi has advocated for mental health through research, direct practice, coaching, public speaking and digital content. Her articles and videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Uberoi continues to appear on various media platforms and speaking engagements to provide commentary on sports, women’s empowerment and health and wellness, notably; The BBC, Sports Illustrated, SportsBusiness Journal, Columbia University, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Al Jazeera.