South Asians in Sports: An Introduction


When thinking about South Asians in sports, one cannot help ignore the fact that despite making up one fifth of the world’s population, the diaspora has far less than 100 non-cricketing athletic stars to boast. In the 2012 Olympics a total of 134 athletes represented the South Asian territories of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepa, Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. In addition, less than 100 athletes of South Asian origin (again outside of cricket) play professional sports[1].

While these numbers are exceedingly low in proportion to the population, it is important to note that the numbers are rising year after year not only for athletes but in the industry itself. SAinSports brings together South Asian athletes, coaches, lawyers, doctors, journalists, marketers, and businessmen and women who work to augment the world of sports every day. As the premier platform, we highlight South Asians making a daily impact in sports, create a voice that helps influence South Asians globally, and inspire the next generation of South Asians to become a part of this industry.

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[1] Sportsmen and women who are active in professional sports as of 2015.